Biomediq does contract research for the pharmacological industry and contract research organizations performing clinical trials in which quantification of medical images are involved.

We market validated, automatic and semi-automatic

  • analyses of knee MRI for scoring of cartilage quantity (volume, thickness, ...) and quality (surface smoothness, homogeneity, congruity, ...); and bone structure in relation to osteoarthritis
  • analyses of mammograms for breast cancer risk
  • analyses of lateral spine x-rays for fracture and fracture risk quantification
  • analyses of lumbar lateral x-rays for abdominal aortic calcification scoring

We perform research and development of

  • Brain MRI for Alzheimer's disease
  • Hand MRI for rheumatoid arthritis

Job Openings: Software Build Engineer

Biomediq is looking for a software test/build engineer for medical image analysis solutions.

Biomediq is improving breast cancer screening with our patented image analysis technology. We need to expand the development team for our breast cancer risk assessment product. Since we develop applications for the medical industry, we perform software development according to medical device software standards and regulatory requirements.

Day to day work as a software test/build engineer will involve participating in the Scrum process. You will be in charge of the High Performance Computing facility and the associated development and test environments. You will be developing deployment tools, tuning the build system, the continuous integration and deployment process. You will be writing system test plans, implementing automated test and reporting tools, and documenting the system testing according to medical device development standards. You will be part of a team with considerable experience in medical devices and image analysis.

We expect our new software test/build engineer to be:

  • Graduated B.Sc. in Computer Science, Datamatiker, or similar
  • Writing competently in English
  • Fluent in at least one of the following programming languages: Perl, Python, C/C++
  • Familiar with agile practices: test driven development, continuous integration, Scrum
  • Familiar with Linux server administration
  • Open minded, eager to learn, and focused on getting the right things done
Furthermore, it would be an advantage if you have experience with some of the following areas:
  • Linux HPC environments
  • Build automation with cmake
  • Test and deployment automation
  • DICOM communication in practice, from for instance RIS/PACS systems
  • Applying DevOps principles to the deployment process
  • Medical device software development

About Biomediq A/S

Biomediq is a research-based company with strong collaborations with the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, providing software-based solutions for clinical trials and clinical practice.

Biomediq is located in the Symbion Research Park, Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen.

Contact: CEO Mads Nielsen,, +45 24 600 599